How to obtain a residency in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica there are several options to apply for a residency permit, such as:

1.  Direct family relationship with a Costarican citizen.
2. Residency as an Investor showing an invest in Costa Rica of at least two hundred thousand dollars.
3. Residency as a renter showing an income of at leat two thousand five hundred dollars a month.
4. Residency as a retired person with a pension of at least one thousand dollars a month.
5.  Free trade company registration.
6. Executive of a registered company in the immigration department.

The application has to be made in the Immigration Ministry of Costa Rica, and there are specific documents and forms that will have to be summited for each specific case. The costs will depend of the type of categorie for the application.

Some of the documents that will be needed will have to be obtained from the country of residency of applicant, such as certification of criminal records, birth certificate, pesion or income certification and marital status certification. These documents will have to be duly certified with an apostille and translated to spanish by an official translator in order to be valid in the Immigration Ministry.

Once the Immigration Ministry receives the application with all the documents in order, the applicant will be authorize to stay in the country until the application is resolved, and therefore will not have the obligation to leave the country every three months as it usually happens with a tourist visa in Costa Rica. Be sure to review the specific requeirments for your case, and to obtain legal advice if necessary.