How to obtain a Municipality license.

In order to run a commercial activity in Costa Rica, for example a restaurant, souvenir store or surf shop, it is neccesary to have a health permit and a Municipality license.

The first step is to request the Municipality a soil use certification of the property where the commercial establishment will be located. This document is for the Municipality to certify if the property is suitable for the commercial activity requested.

The second step is to apply for the health permit that is granted by the Health Ministry of Costa Rica, and in order to obtain the document, the person must send to the Healt Ministry the soil use certification, information of the applicant and the property, and complete de corresponding formulary that is given by the Healt Ministry.

The third step after the health permit was approved, is to apply for the Municipality licences at the corresponding Municipality, by presenting the health permit, complete the application formulary, and provide the information of the applicant and the property.

Once the municipality license is approved, the person can start with the commercial activity.

Other requierments might apply depending on the specific activity, like payment of insurance and the fees for each payment. Other permits like liquor license  have to be requested also the Municipality.

The Municipality in charge of the area of Tamarindo, Flamingo, Conchal, and Playa Grande, is the Municipality of Santa Cruz. There is also an office of the Healt Ministry of Costa Rica in Santa Cruz, near to
the municipality office.